Define Your Own App Monetization Strategy

Use Appnext SDK to connect to top app advertisers, close direct deals,
and earn more for each app installed


Let Appnext technology deliver the highest paying and the most relevant offers for every request, maximizing both revenues and user engagement


Become a name in the Appnext Developers’ Community and enable top app brands and fellow-developers to bid directly for your sources


Go Native and integrate app recommendation sections seamlessly within the app, or use our top-performing predefined ad units

Native Ads

Use Native ads SKD or open API to create ad units in the exact look and feel of your app. Just follow your imagination and build something great!


Our full-screen SDK-based Interstitials deliver outstanding performance, and are equipped with the unique 'Send app to my email' feature

App Walls

Appnext App Walls display a list of sponsored apps, giving your users the freedom to choose the ones they love the most

Video Ad

This highly customizable unit allows you to define the message and the color, and reach close to Native UI

Reach New Revenue Streams

Expand your content with apps your users will love, and earn for each app installed

Smart Mobile Engagement

Champion relevancy by drawing app offers from specific categories related to your content

8 x Higher CTR

Let relevant offers and highly-optimized units make the difference – achieve CTRs 8X higher than mobile banner ads

Native Mobile Experience

Build native ads that compliment your website’s look and feel, or choose from a wide range of peak-performing interactive units

Video Ad

Personalize the message, choose the unit color, and offer your users relevant app content at the website entrance, or at certain event triggers


These interactive units allow your mobile users to slide through different app offers, maximizes conversion rates, and brings Native mobile experience

Build A Great App Distribution Business

Access endless demand via Appnext’s open API

Unmatched Advertiser Diversity.

Appnext’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) operates on a fully self-serve basis, enabling hundreds of app advertisers to place CPI bids in real time. Appnext welcomes on board both utility apps and games, securing superb offer relevancy for diverse user segments.

Worldwide App Distribution.

Appnext advertisers run local and global campaigns in 230 countries.

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Advanced Reporting

Get a 360° view of your mobile monetization — the apps you promote, the bids they pay,
the revenue you make with each partner

In addition to the intuitive Dashboard, Appnext offers the following methods of automated reporting:

Postback API

Each event will appear on your server in real time

Reporting API

The event data can be placed automatically on your own Dashboard

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